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We've managed Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and 15+ other data providers. 75+ social app developers and five top agency networks, as well as major media, entertainment and tech brands, which we won't name here. And four product lines.

When Zuzanna joined DataSift in 2014, the company was known as one of two of Twitter's firehose providers. Since then it's been a non-stop rollercoaster ride. There was the company rebrand, rebuilding the marketing team, two major product launches with Facebook and LinkedIn, and establishing and serving a global partner ecosystem. In January 2018, DataSift was acquired by Meltwater.


Back in January 2008 when Zuzanna joined as employee #10, no one had heard about Huddle. By the time she left the company in 2014, Huddle was recognized as the global leader in enterprise collaboration software and the most successful European enterprise startup. It had 3x revenue growth year-on-year, and partnerships with the major social networks: LinkedIn, Ning and XING. 

Zuzanna guided Huddle through the market shift from freemium to SMB and enterprise pricing, and developed one of Huddle's key USPs - Huddle Adoption Guarantee - as the first software adoption in the industry. Her team consistently delivered more than 90% of sales revenues from inbound marketing.


Almost six years since Zuzanna joined Rainier Communications as employee #7 in its London office on Charlotte Street, the company - along with Custard PR, which she co-founded - got acquired by Loewy (Writtle).

During her time there, Zuzanna led strategy development and campaign planning for 50+ companies in software, hardware, mobile, telecommunications, networking and engineering. 


When B2B was no longer enough, Zuzanna co-founded one of the hottest B2C digital agencies in London, and grew revenues 40% quarter on quarter. Custard was the first London agency to focus on tech startups and worked across mobile, personal technology and lifestyle, and media and entertainment.

Zuzanna named Custard PR after her favorite dessert at the time: strawberries and thick and creamy custard from Marks & Spencer


What it's like to work with Zuzanna.

Suz joined Huddle when we were less than ten people and led the marketing function for a great many years. She’s ace.
— Andy McLoughlin, Partner, Uncork Capital (SoftTech VC)
Suz is a rarity. You can implicitly trust her to deliver the results. And to deliver them fast.
— Nicholas Halstead, founder & CEO, InfoSum
Zuz is one of the hardest-working and most conscientious people I’ve worked with. I hired her as a graduate and by the time she left the firm she was running a team and developing business left, right and centre. She has a sixth-sense in the way she manages teams, understands how to develop stories and is tenacious about getting results.
— Steve Earl, Managing Director, Zeno Group Europe
When I was looking for someone to come in to The Sandpit and take hold of the marketing of our tech businesses, my note out to all my networks was “Looking for someone like Suz from Huddle”!. Zuzanna is absolute quality all round and I place a big chunk of the success that Huddle have had at her door. Just really impressed. The kind of person I would find a role for even if one did not exist as I know she would add value.
— Simon Campbell, CEO, TheSandpit
I worked with the Huddle team before Zuzanna came onboard in 2006. When she joined in 2008, she took Huddle’s brand to a completely new level. Within a short period of time Huddle had a brand personality, international recognition as a collaborative platform, and international recognition as a startup to watch. Her ability to creatively raise the visibility of a company is amazing. Under her watch the company delivered the “tech event to be at” in both London and Silicon Valley, the collaboration technology that kept Microsoft up at night, and an instant darling in cloud computing. Her unlimited energy allowed a fairly conservative team to think bigger and take marketing to an extreme that eventually lead to the team moving here in the US.
— Erica Lee, Founder, StrategicLee
Suz is a legend. Incredibly creative, super organized, dedicated and highly skilled at the full marketing mix. Huddle would never have got where it did without her.
— Alastair Mitchell, Partner, EQT Ventures
Suz has transformed our communications through her sense of creativity and the clarity of her messages. She is passionate about the tech space, and knows how to achieve outsized impacts with available resources. She brings an entrepreneurial mindset and drive to every communication. Suz designs strategies that work and content people want to engage with.
— Kate Dutton, Executive Director, GBx Global
Zuzanna is a modern Coco Chanel who can make the simple sexy. A master marketer and brand-architect, she builds solid foundations with consistency upon which she artfully crafts an edgy strategy aimed at making people sit up, take notice and fall in love. Her vision and creative talent helped put Huddle at the forefront of an emerging market with a defined branding framework that continues to propel us forward. Her passion is contagious, both inspiring colleagues and attracting new talent for the organization.
— Douglas Meierdiercks, Head of CRM, Envoy
A genuine star, who will throw heart and soul into the job you throw at her - go build a global B2B brand, make us famous, weave gold. We worked some insane hours together, we span gold and we came out the other side smiling. She has a wealth of experience in all facets of the marketing world, has the scars to prove it and I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Simon Hill, CEO, Wazoku


Clients, partners and customers through the years.

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