Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson or Suz. Likes internet memes and making sausages.

Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson or Suz. Likes internet memes and making sausages.

About Zuzanna

Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson is a tech and startup veteran. She spent the last two decades advising and working for 60+ B2C and B2B startups and blue chips in software, hardware, mobile, telecoms, personal technology, and media & entertainment. She's known for her no-nonsense approach to brand development and marketing, and believes in moving quickly, not breaking things and delivering impactful results. Most recently she served as SVP Marketing, DataSift, a Big Data and social data platform.

Over the course of her career, she's found herself very hands-on with product marketing, demand generation, brand development, communications, partnership management, creative services and all kinds of ops. This very particular set of skills proves invaluable for providing coherent brand & marketing strategy and services. 

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What'S Fatty Pontoon?

The super micro-agency origin story.

Fatty Lumpkin, a surf ranch, is one of my most extravagant business ideas, which I expect never come to pass.  The ranch is named after one of Tom Bombadil's ponies in The Lord of the Rings. Yet Fatty Lumpkin remains copyrighted until 2087 along with other Tolkien's works.

When I needed a good name for my marketing endeavors along with the right to use it, I just took what I could with me, namely 'Fatty'. At the time, I listened to a lot of country songs featuring: blue jeans, trucks and pontoons. I'm also a big fan of Zodiacs - inflatable pontoons - which gave us tow-in surfing, and so Fatty Pontoon was born.

My affinity with otters dates back to the Eighties, and the long running Canadian TV series - Danger Bay - which features a domesticated otter. Otters are my favorite animals to visit at the zoo. Meerkats come a close second.